Create a Free Easy Pallet Mud Kitchen


How to create an free easy mud kitchen in your backyard. This is a simple afternoon project that can provide hours of outside entertainment for your kids!

pallet wood with kitchen supplies on it next to a rain barrel

What can you use to make a mud kitchen?

The best part about this outdoor mud kitchen is that you really use any leftover timber you have lying around. In this tutorial I show how I used free old pallets and extra wood I had to build ours. This kind of project can be forgiving and molded to fit the supplies you have.

I added kitchen gadgets that we already had to keep this project free. Later my older girls bought some more items they wanted to add to the mud kitchen from the thrift store. It was fun to see them take ownership of their own little kitchen. This has become the best thing for our young kids. I have “eaten” some of the best mud pies come from this outdoor play kitchen.

It has also created a great place for social interaction. The young children can talk and discuss what they will make for a bakery or I have seen friends come over and pretend they are baking treats for a bake sale they are having. I has been great fun to watch mud muffins, brownies, mud cakes, and soups be created from this thing.

One more thing I included later with our mud kitchen is a rain barrel. I already had my barrel as I naively thought it would solve the flooding I had from a rain spout. That thing filled to the max in a few hours! I underestimated the east cost rain for sure. Anyway, since the rain barrel failed to solve my flooding issues it solved my issue of how the get access to water to their pallet mud kitchen.

I’m not a fan of the hose running all day for the kids to use in the kitchen. So, the barrel was a more resourceful way to bring water to the mud kitchen. The rain fills it up and the kids can go to town making all the mud pies their little hearts desire.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a barrel. What I did before the barrel was to fill the little “sink” with water for the days use. The kids enjoyed that just the same.

Can the pallet mud kitchen stay outside?

YES! One of the benefits of a mud kitchen is designed to get wet, messy, and well loved. We have had ours for two years now and it still looks great. We even leave out all the kitchen gadgets day and night. Most pallet wood is treated to be exposed to the outside elements and will do just fine being outside.

How do you create a simple pallet mud kitchen?

pot with a wooden spoon on top next to two smaller tin pans on wood
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Mud kitchens may seem intimidating. I have seen some pretty expensive, elaborate ones out there. This tutorial will show you how to create a simple free mud kitchen in one afternoon! And the best part is that my kids absolutely love this thing regardless.

It just goes to show that you don’t really need to spend tons of money for your kids (and all the kids in the neighborhood) to have a good time! Just a basic mud kitchen for the perfect place to bring creative ideas to your young kids.

create a free easy mud kitchen sign about pallet mud kitchen next to a rain barrel

Supplies needed for this easy pallet mud kitchen:

  • 2 free pallets with with small gaps so there is enough wood for them to step on.
  • an extra free pallet for adding the shelves or any spare wood you have lying around.
  • a saw for cutting wood for the shelves, we have and love this one.
  • Drill, drill bit, and wood screws.
  • Measuring tape
  • Any Sterilite bin you have lying around.
  • If you love the rain barrel idea, this is the one we have. This is what we used for our own mud kitchen sink
  • Old pots, cookie sheets, kitchen utensils, and measuring spoons. If you don’t have extra of these you can get some here: pot, wooden spoons, cookie sheet, measuring spoons.
  • One thing my daughter bought later was a small broom for tidying up!
pallet boards stacked together with shelving on it in the woodchips against the fence

Let’s build our easy free mud kitchen!

This DIY mud kitchen doesn’t take much time to throw together.

  1. Plan the location for your mud kitchen. Try to get it in a shady, level place where the back of the mud kitchen will have some support.
  2. Prop the back pallet up. We secured ours to our fence using wire and screws.
  3. Place the floor pallet up against the back wall pallet.
  4. Next, measure the bin you have chosen for your sink. You will want to make sure the two shelves on each side will hold the bin in place.
  5. Create the shelves by creating a rectangle with an open bottom. Drill in a support board that will go under the shelf, into the back pallet wall.
  6. Drill the rectangle into the support board using screws.
  7. You can add a lower shelf at this time like we did.
  8. Repeat this process on the other side.
  9. Slide your bin in between the two shelves to make sure it still fits. Then drill in two support boards in between the shelves that the bin will sit on. I like to keep my bin removable so we can take it out and spray it down every now and then.
  10. Add the horizontal boards below the bin support boards to connect the two shelves. This adds more support and also just looks nice.
  11. Add a board along the top of the mud kitchen to make another shelf. My older girls have planted pots of flowers they will put up on that top shelf.
  12. Now the fun part! Add all the kitchen items for the finishing touches, or better yet, give your kids the supplies and let them organize the kitchen themselves. They will love to take ownership of their new pallet mud kitchen!
pallet wood shelves created to be a mud kitchen outside
This is an up-close look at the front of the pallet mud kitchen. Take note of the supports and where the horizontal boards are connected.

We threw this together in one afternoon and it has provided hours of imaginative play. It was totally worth the time! Share in the comments below your own mud kitchen ideas! I would love to hear them.

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