How to Make Paper Envelope Packets for Seed Storage


Saving your own seeds is a great goal for many gardeners! Let’s talk about how to make paper envelope packets for seed storage so you can keep your stored seeds safe!

womans hand holding a paper envelope packet for seeds, packet is open

I remember when I first learned that I could save my own seeds from the plants and flowers that I was growing in my own garden! It was exciting and I really liked that idea.

Once I started saving my own seeds I wanted a place to put the my seeds. I realized that using paper was a great way to do just that!

DIY seed packets was environmentally friendly and I could even use plantable seed paper or compostable paper to make my small envelopes.

It is a super simple process and I am excited to share with you the process of this little origami seed packet!

Why Save Seeds?

I like saving my own seeds for several reasons. 

  • Saves money
  • Improves your plants each area to the location you are growing
  • Make fun gifts
  • More self sufficient

Supplies needed to make Seed paper envelope packets

womans hand holding a diy seed paper envelope
  • Paper
  • Seeds
    • you can store pretty much any seed you want
    • veggies
    • hardy mixture of wild flowers
    • herbs
    • Just make sure the size of paper envelope packets will fit the size of seeds you’re using
  • scissors or a paper cutter
    • Scissors will work just fine and that is what i used in the video below and it worked fine.
    • Paper cutters make it so you have straighter lines and you can cut more papers at one time. So more convenient, but not necessary.
  • Pen or markers to label your seed paper envelope packets
    • You can get crafty with this or just use a plain old pen (like me…) 
  • Tape (optional)
    • you can seal your seed packet closed if you want it to close more securely (I don’t for myself, but If I am giving it as a gift I do)

​How to make paper envelope packets for seed storage

I love making my own packets because it allows me to make a custom envelope using the size of paper that you have. I mostly make square envelopes, but you could make rectangle as well.

In my step by step directions, I teach you how to make a square paper envelope packet.

Step 1:

Take your sheet of paper (I am using a standard 8X11 size of paper) and fold it in half. Cut down the center of the paper so you have two long rectangles. 

Step 2:

square piece of paper with fold lines in it

Take one of your rectangles and fold a corner over to reach the side and cut the excess off. This leaves you with a square piece of paper.

You should be able to make to paper seed envelopes from each rectangle, recycle or compost paper scraps. Once you have your square piece of paper, fold it in half so that you have a triangle.

square piece of paper folded in half to look like a triangle on top of a wooden cutting board

Step 3:

Fold the bottom corners a little past the center of the triangle. Start with one end, folding it over, and then fold the opposite side. I like to make sure I line up the point of the triangle with the “v” that the folded corners make.

Step 4:

Slide one end of the folded corners into the other, locking them together. You can secure this part with tape, but that isn’t completely necessary.

folded paper seed packet

Step 5:

Label you paper envelope seed packet. It is easier to label when it is empty

folded paper seed packet with basil labeled on it

Step 6:

​Fill you paper envelope packet with seeds. The top of the triangle opens up into a pocket for putting your seeds. Just separate the top flaps and use your finger to press open.

basil seeds in a paper seed envelope

Step 7:

Fold down the top flaps and tuck them under the front folds. And now you have your seed paper envelopes!

finished seed envelope for seed storage

What should I include on my labels?

I make sure to include the seed name or plant name on my packet. Put the date you collected your seeds. It is always best to plant the seeds the following year.

You can add a custom message if your packet is acting as the entire card for a friend. You may also want to include planting instructions on the card.

How to store your seeds

The key is to store your seeds in a cool, dry place. Warmth and moisture may cause the seeds to sprout! I have all my seeds in a plastic bin but you could use totes, recipe holders, folders or seed storage containers.

Good luck on your seed saving journey! It really is so rewarding to use seeds or give seeds that you have grown yourself. 

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