Make a Fall Harvest Corn Husk Wreath


I’m here to show you how to make a gorgeous, fall harvest corn husk wreath. This is a must have for your fall entryway!

fall wreath made out of corn husks hanging on a white door.

After learning how to grow glass gem corn, I realized that I had a treasure left behind after harvesting the corn. Corn stalks! I, like many of you I’m sure, love to decorate my home for fall. The crisp cool air comes in and I can’t shake the excitement that fall brings.

Of course you don’t have to grow your own corn to make this fall harvest wreath. You can buy corn stalks at some grocery stores or farmers markets. I’d say even ask around to friends or family and you might find someone who has grown corn and can give you a few stalks.

Can I use corn stalks from any variety of corn?

three cobs of glass gem corn wrapped together for fall decoration. They are being held by a woman's hand who is wearing a garmen watch.
You can also dry out your corn with the husks on for fall decoration.

Yes, corn stalks generally look the same despite what type of corn you grow. My wreath is from glass gem corn stalks.

How do you dry corn husks or stalks for a fall harvest wreath?

Once you have harvested your corn leave your stalks in the ground for a week or so. Stop watering them. If you are going to get a lot of rain then pull out your stalks and store them somewhere dry to dry out. I just like to let the stalks dry out in the garden for a bit before pulling the plant.

After you pull out the stalks lay them down or or line them up in a shallow layer allowing each stalk to be exposed to air. You can put them in your garage, shed or if you don’t have rain coming up, you can line them up along a fence. Let them dry out till they get that golden color.

Supplies needed for your fall harvest wreath

  • 5-10 dried corn stalks
  • Wire wreath frame
  • Wire ties for wrapping
  • Scissors
  • Dried cobs or a harvest sign (to set at the bottom of the wreath)
  • Decorative rope or ribbon

How to make the fall harvest wreath using corn stalks

Start by gathering leaves from the stalks. Get a variety of sizes, but pick out the ones that look the nicest. I like to include the tassel (the top part of the corn stalk) in my fall harvest wreath as well.

pile of dried out corn talks and tassels stacked on a farmhouse table.

How to attach the stalks to the wire wreath frame?

wire wreath frame on a farmhouse table next to a stack of dried corn stalks.
This wreath frame previously had green leaves on it for my summer wreath. I take those off and make a fall wreath out of it each year.

Like any wreath you make, this part takes some maneuvering and switching out pieces until you get the look you like. I chose to keep my stalk leaves a little longer, but you may want yours shorter. Start by lining up 3-5 stalk leaves next to each other and wrap the wire around the base of the leaves to the wire frame.

It will look thin at first, but go all the way around doing this. Take a step back and see where spots need more stalk leaves or tassels added to it. I did a few layers to this fall harvest wreath to get the fullness I wanted. I also used my scissors to trim some of the leaves that stuck out more than I wanted.

Add the final touches to your fall harvest wreath

corn husk and stalk wreath that has been dried. on top are two glass gem corn cobs tied with a rope.
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I love adding something else to my wreaths. In this case I used the glass gem corn I grew. I tied a pair together with a decorative rope, but you could also use ribbon. Then I secured the corn to the bottom of the wreath with more wire ties. Other things like a harvest sign, or large fall leaves would look good here as well.

How long will this wreath last?

I made my wreath in September and it lasted me until I put up winter decorations in late November. It could have gone longer If i wanted it too. That being said, my wreath didn’t get super wet. We have a covered porch so it never got drenched. I imagine if it got wet regularly then it may not last as long but probably still long enough.

I am super excited just thinking about fall and I loved sharing this idea. I hope you can get your creative juices flowing and make your own fall harvest wreath using corn stalks!

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